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The petrol crisis emerged in 1970’s has caused important changes in energy politics of countries. Since especially our country has poor petrol resources and, on the other hand, plenty of surface water resources, Turkey’s energy politics has shifted towards hydroelectric power stations. Hydroelectric power stations are preferred energy sources all over the world because they have no environment-damaging effects.

When the energy production in Turkey who is deprived of energy sources like petrol, natural gas and coal, is tried to be obtained from these sources, energy production costs too expensive. On the other hand energy requirement of developing Turkey economy increase day by day.

According to energy projection made by TEİAŞ General Management, energy demand increase per year in our country has been determined as 8%. Although 92% of economic Hydroelectric potential was utilized before 20 years in Europe, only 33.3% of Hydroelectric Potential of our country which is regarded as 126.1 TWh/year by 2001 was utilized.

As it is understood from above table, 24.7% of energy which is produced in 2007 has been produced from hydraulic sources.

More than 65% of the energy consumed in our country has been supplied by import or by means of imported sources. In order to minimize import of energy and energy sources and to eliminate foreign-source dependency, Kaya Enerji has made significant investments in this field by regarding that making and operating environment-friendly hydroelectric energy stations was a holly mission and obligation. Thanks to these important projects by which wholly domestic sources are evaluated, Kaya Energy Group has made its best effort to realize and develop these projects which will add significant contributions to energy production, will development employment , will serve to country and nation in every view.
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