Health & Safety Plan
KAYA GROUP Companies is dedicated to accomplish a Safe working environment in all projects the Company undertakes. Therefore, maintaining a high level of Health and Safety Plan in every level of the company structure is the primary objective of KAYA GROUP Companies's Project Management Approach.

KAYA GROUP Companies's management has long adopted and continues to believe that "SAFETY IS FIRST and FOREMOST".

The Health and Safety Standards Directives, The Safety Plan, The Safety Instructions and Hazard Analysis Plan are particularly enforced and looked after through periodical meetings, training programs, inspection and management supervision.

KAYA GROUP Companies takes all precautions to protect company employees and the third parties from injuries on or off the jobsite. KAYA GROUP Companies is very keen to support the Health and Safety Plan in order to achieve these goals.

The objective of the Health and Safety Plan is to establish and implement the health and safety standards and requirements for the prevention of accidents, fires and hazards for personnel engaged in the construction works including administrative personnel, visitors and occupants.

All provisions of "Safety and Health Requirement Manual" and "Construction Workers' Health and Works Safety Regulations" have been confirmed for strictly followed during the execution of the Works.

The Safety Engineer is responsible for the implementation of the Plan and for the prevention of accidents and hazards. He reports directly to the Site Manager. The detailed Safety Plan of the company is improved continuously to keep up with the recent developments in safety engineering and is provided among the management plan of each project.
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